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Despite our many meetings with the MMRA, letters exchanged and meetings with politicians
and despite their constant declaration that they listen to our concerns the reality is that the government
decided some time ago what they want to do and are doing it no matter what we say.
1.The Brunner proposal to move Domain Station has been rejected and their published reasons for doing so are inconsequential.
2. The return of our tram has been “engineered out” by locating the St Kilda Rd interchange south of Domain Rd
and their statement that this will be decided by PTV when construction has been completed is misleading or disingenuous.
3. The new “superstop” in Toorak Rd West will remain despite the traffic chaos it will cause by reducing traffic to one lane each way.
4. About 200 trees in St Kilda Rd will be lost and our major boulevard significantly harmed.
The state government and its politicians are not talking to us now about these issues and clearly have no intention of changing.
We must now seek assurances  from the Liberal Party about a number of these and other issues that concern us
(eg. political donations, residential zoning and council voting in the City of Melbourne)
to assist with our voting at the election in November next year.
However, the remaining fight is to prevent the trucks with the tunnel material travelling through South Yarra
six days a week destroying our community and village life and discussions about alternatives we are told will commence shortly.
We will keep you informed.
Michael Butcher
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Since 1969 we have, on behalf of local residents, been working to enhance and preserve the character and amenity of the City of Melbourne component of South Yarra. Melbourne South Yarra Residents Group Membership is open to all residents within the postocde 3141 or 3004 precinct of the City of Melbourne.

We aim to hold two General meetings per year and engage with members in various campaigns and consultations as the need arises. Membership can be applied for online.

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Current Issues

There is a constant flow of issues that have the potential to adversely affect the amenity of living in South Yarra. From the provision of community services, management of parks and gardens to over and inappropriate development of the built form in the area – we as residents must be prepared to take an strong interest in civic issues in order to retain the heritage nature of our locality and preserve the amenity it affords residents and visitors.

Heritage Policy Review

Council has published its proposed new Heritage Policy and we have lodged our submission requesting many changes.Our submission is attached for you to read.
Council must provide the resources to grade all our heritage buildings including inter-war and others. However, to be effective the policy must also identify our
remaining heritage precincts or areas and then ensure any building or development in those areas is compatible with its neighbours and neighbourhood.
We will continue to be involved and keep you informed.
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Metro Rail

The Metro Rail Project will have a huge impact on South Yarra and action is being taken. Yarra Trams have recently released details of the work they will shortly start to construct the new tramline along Toorak Rd West into St Kilda Rd following which the Park St Domain Rd service will cease. The attached letter of 3 April is our response in which we express our objections and concerns, in particular opposing the relocation of the interchange in St Kilda Rd which, if it proceeds, will mean the Park St Domain Rd service will never return.

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The Brunner Proposal

We have been pushing Metro Rail to make a number of changes to their proposed course of action in particular to remove trucks from South Yarra, retain our tram when the project is completed and modify the Toorak Rd West tram to minimise the traffic jam. These protests will continue.
However, late last year a detailed alternative proposal was put to Metro Rail by Robert Brunner to move Domain Station north. Although that alternative was rejected by Metro Rail we think the grounds for rejection were spurious and Brunner has now prepared a rebuttal that explains why.
If implemented this alternative would solve all of our concerns and also protect the St Kilda Rd boulevard.
Here is the Brunner Proposal and his rebuttal (which lists their concerns) Our letter to MetroRail is here.

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“There is no doubt that the more members MSYRG has, the more notice is taken of what we do and say. If you are not a financial member, I urge you to become one.”

Michael Butcher, President MSYRG

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